Main Features

Schedule & Bookings

Your schedule is a calendar presented as a daily list of activities or bookings happening at your yard at a particular time for a given day.

Horses & Allocations

Add and manage yours and your owners’ horses. Schedule activities for horses, allocate horses to riders and schedule entries. Track each horse’s activities, feeding and health.

Facilities & Contacts

Facilities are the infrastructure of your yard and its environs; the places where your schedule plays out. Contacts are the staff, helpers, services providers, owners and clients who are involved with your schedule.

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  1. Our header image is of horses grazing in Hiiumma, Estonia, opposite the Saare Tip peninsula. It was taken south west of the village of Kassari and is by Paul Grayson. Copyright for this image is © Paul Grayson


Update and a minor release!

Hi everyone,

We have been so busy following up after Dublin Horse Show 2016 at the RDS in Ballsbridge last month.  We had a fantastic show and spoke to all kinds of equestrian professionals about how their yards operate.

This weekend we have updated Stable Manage to include the first changes…