How do I add an Entry to my Schedule?

How do I add an Entry to my Schedule?

The Schedule is fundamental to Stable Manage. It is here that you build the plan of activities and events taking place each day at your yard.

An Entry can be any activity or event involving your yard. That is to say, they do not have to be those involving horses directly. For example an Entry might be any of the following and many many more beyond; feeding, exercise, a trek or ride out, time on the gallops, turnout, maintenance work, a farrier visit, staff training and so on.

Adding an Entry can be as simple or as detailed as you like, depending on what information you need to capture about it. People (attendees) can be assigned to the Entry as it is created or afterwards and the attendees can be changed at any time during or after Entry creation.

At a minimum each Entry needs a activity type, date and time. Let’s step through the process of adding a sample activity.

Before you can add an Entry, you need to be logged into Stable Manage. Refer to this article if you are getting started and are unsure how to log in yet: How do I log in to Stable Manage?

Click the “action” (plus) menu icon:


Select “Add Schedule Entry” from the “What do you want to do?” drop down. This option is selected by default, unless another option has previously been selected.

2015-12-24 00.00.21-ActionType

The “Add Schedule Entry” form is displayed by default. It is remarkably quick to add an Entry.

Click on the “What is the activity?” option and the following list of activity types is displayed.

Each section has an “Other” option in case there is no exact match. Please let us know if you cannot find a matching activity type for what you need to schedule.

2015-12-24 00.01.24-ActivityType

For the example I have selected “Muck Out”:

2015-12-24 00.02.08-TypeSelected

The following four sections are optional:

  1. Facility – If left blank none will be set. I have not set one in the example.
  2. Staff Contact – If left blank the default staff member (manager user) will be set as the Staff Contact. I have not set a Staff Contact in the example, so the default will be used automatically.
  3. External Contact – If left blank, none will be set. An External Contact might be someone such as a Farrier, the point of contact for a group booking, accountant, feed sales rep. etc. I have not set an External Contact in the example.
  4. Add Attendees – Is used to add people to the entry as part of its creating. This is useful if you are taking bookings over the phone; or entering data received in an email. Any/all attendee information can be edited later if desired. I have not set Attendees in the example.

Date and Time – the currently selected date is displayed by default. If the desired date is not already selected, click the date label and select the desired date from the popup date selector.

2015-12-24 00.29.35-DatePicker

Next select from and to times using the time pickers.

2015-12-24 00.29.35-TimePickers

The “Is this a repeating event?” option is used for creating recurring schedule entries and will be covered in a separate article.

Lastly, click the “SAVE” button to save the new Entry.

The system will display a notice confirming the new Entry and the screen will refresh if the Entry was added for the date already selected for viewing. Note that “Steve” is displayed for the Staff Contact. Steve is the manager user for the example yard.

2015-12-24 00.02.18-EntryAddedToast

Various properties of the Entry can be directly edited from the schedule; such as the Entry Facility (1) and Attendees (2), and by hovering over the Entry action button (3) the following functions can be accessed: Date/Time/Recurrence (4), Notes (5), it is also possible to Delete an Entry (6) directly from the Schedule and lastly to set a Status value (7) such as Pending, Confirmed or Cancelled.

2015-12-24 00.30.12-EntryRow


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