How do I change the Date/Time for just one instance of a repeating Schedule Entry?

This article describes how to change the date/time for just one instance of a repeating (recurring) Schedule Entry.

If you are new to Stable Manage have a look at the How do I add an Entry to my Schedule? article before reading this one.

First, select the date holding the instance of the repeating Entry that you want to update

Select Date

Locate the Schedule Entry you are interested in and click the calendar action menu item. Number (4) in this screenshot:

A single Schedule Entry

The Change Entry Date and/or Time dialog is displayed. For repeating schedule entries, a new screen was added to this dialog in the 11 January 2016 release of Stable Manage. The screen (shown below) allows you to decide how far reaching your date/time changes are going to be.

Choose Update Type for Recurring Entry


ONLY THIS ENTRY – This is new behaviour as of 11 January 2016. Your changes will only apply to the selected date  for the recurring entry.

As an example; let’s say you have a recurring visit from the farrier on 3rd of every month. The farrier phones to say that they can’t make it on the 3rd of February but can make the 5th. You would use this feature to switch just the visit of February 3rd to February 5th, while leaving the rest of the recurring sequence in place; untouched.

When you click ONLY THIS ENTRY, Stable Manage displays the screen for updating the date or time of an Entry.

Note that the recurring options are not displayed because you are editing just a single instance in the set. When you’ve set the desired date and time, just click “Save” as usual.

Update date/time on single instance of recurring Entry


This is the simplest form of update, choose this option and your date/time changes will apply to all the entries in the series. As a result Stable Manage displays the full recurring entry options for you to modify.

An important note is that the From / To dates reflect the starting point of the recurring series; there is no need to change these unless you actually want to move the whole series to a different starting point. Most often users want to modify the time or recurring options for the series when they use the ALL ENTRIES option.

Update Date/Time for all instances of a recurring Entry

For both options; ONLY THIS ENTRY and ALL ENTRIES, the “Close” button cancels and closes the dialog without making any changes.

Note: in an upcoming release of Stable Manage an additional option will be added to this screen called “THIS AND FUTURE”, which will all you to update the date/time for the selected date and the recurring options for the future instances of the event. This article will be updated when that feature is added.

Remember to refer to How do I add an Entry to my Schedule? if you are new to Stable Manage.