How do I add, view or delete a Horse Health Record?

This article describes how to add, view or delete a Horse Health Record.

All sorts of events and activities take place at equestrian yards every day, including health and veterinary checks of various kinds. Stable Manage allows you to record such events and activities as individual, historical events. This allows you to build up a picture of how a given horse is progressing over time.

Add Horse Health Record

Click the “action” (plus) menu icon:

Action Menu

Select “Record Horse Health” from the “What do you want to do?” drop down.

Record Horse Health

Select the horse you want to record the health record for.

Select Horse

Select the date and time for the record.

Time can be particularly useful if for example you are doing hourly checks on an injured animal and need to provide the vet with feedback at a later stage.

Select Date

Select Time

Provide text notes for the Health Record.

Horse Health Record Text

There is an important thing to note on this screen before you save your first Health Record.

If this health check requires treatment, you can add a Health Treatment entry to your schedule after recording the Health Check. Refer to How do I add an Entry to my Schedule? and select Health Treatment as the entry type.

Click RECORD to save the new Health Record and Stable Manage will display a notice.

Record Horse Health Success Toast

View Horse Health Record

To view the Health Record for a horse. First click on Schedule to access the main menu, then select Horses.

Main Menu Horses

Find the horse you are interested in (remember you can use the search filter box top right if you have a lot of horses) and click on the “cog” icon for the horse action menu.

Horses View

Select “Horse Health Record” from the horse action menu.

Horse Action Menu

Stable Manage displays any recorded Health Records for the selected horse.

Horse Health Record Screen

Delete Horse Health Record

To delete an unwanted Horse Health Record. Click the (x) icon to the right of any record.

Horse Health Record Delete Icon

Stable Manage displays a confirm dialog. Only click CONFIRM if you are sure that you want to delete the record, this action cannot be reversed!

Delete Horse Health Record Confirmation

Stable Manage confirms the deleted Health Record.

Delete Health Record Toast

For Horse Weight Records refer to: How do I add, view or delete a Horse Weight Record?

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