How do I add a Contact to Stable Manage?

How do I add a Contact to Stable Manage?

The guide below shows how quickly you can add and update a Contact in Stable Manage.

Add Contact

Click the “action” (plus) menu icon:


Select “Add Contact”:

2015-12-14 19.44.46-AddContactMenu

Stable Manage shows the Add Contact form. Select the type of Contact you wish to add. Client is selected by default:


The options are a little different for the different types of Contact. For details refer to What are the different types of Contacts on Stable Manage?

The minimum details required for a Contact, are the Given Name and one of Email, Phone or Alternative Contact:

Contact Form Minimum Fields

In this case we are first providing the minimum standard contact details, Given Name, Email and Phone:

Click here for details on adding a Contact which has an Alternative Contact.

Contact Form Minimum Filled

Then we click on the “Optional Details >>” link and add some rider profile information for “Tom” the sample contact:

Contact Form Optional Details Filled

Click the SAVE button. Stable Manage saves the new Contact and displays a message:

Contact Added Notification

Click on the main menu and select “Contacts” if it is not already selected:

2015-12-14 19.39.55-MainMenuContacts

There is a row for the newly added Contact (Tom Harris) 

Contact List

Contact Details are accessed by clicking on the contact’s name or by using the “cog” action menu on the right hand side). Here any property of the contact can be edited. Note that the SAVE button is not enabled if no change has been made:

Contact Details