Update – new Horse Activity/Work Status options!

Today’s minor release of Stable Manage has added two additional Horse Activity/Work Status options:

  1. In Foal
  2. On Pasture

Horse Activity Work Status Examples (20160212 Release)

These are available on the Horse Details screen which you can find out more about here: How do I view or update the details of one of the horses at my yard in Stable Manage?

Tip: The button beside the Activity/Work Status for a given horse is a short cut to the Horse Details screen, which saves you from having to use the Horse Menu on the right hand side.

How do I manage my yard Facilities on Stable Manage?


Every yard, whether large or small has various facilities where activities take place.

The definition of a facility is flexible.  For example a facility could be a stable or stall, a walker, an office, gallops, grazing land, exercise pool or even just a space in the yard where something particular activities are done, and so on.

In Stable Manage it is possible (and optional) to associate a facility with each activity on your schedule by either:

  • Setting a facility when adding a Schedule Entry or
  • By setting a facility directly on an Entry record on the Schedule Screen.

When you first join Stable Manage, you will want to add your facilities. An example showing how to do this is detailed below. In the example we show how to add a paddock.

How do I add a Facility to Stable Manage?

Click the “action” (plus) menu icon:

Action Menu

Select Add Facility from the “What do you want to do?” dropdown:

Add Facility

Stable Manage displays the Add Facility form. This is a brief and simple form:

  • Facility Type – required
  • Name – required
  • Description – optional

Add Facility Blank Form

Select a Facility Type:

Facility Types

When you select the type of Facility, Stable Manage will automatically populate a suggested name for you but you can change this value to anything you like:

Auto Populated Name Field on Add Facility Form

For the example I have changed the facility Name from “Grassed paddock” to “Central Grazing” and I have added a simple description.  Name and Description can be edited after addition to Stable Manage.

Click SAVE to add the new facility to Stable Manage:

Updated Add Facility Form

Stable Manage saves the new facility and displays a message:

Facility Added Toast

Click on the main menu and select Facilities if it is not already selected:

Main Menu Facilities

There is a row for the newly added facility (Central Grazing):

Facilities List with New Facility

Updating or Deleting a Facility

A Facility that has not been linked to any Schedule Entry can be deleted from the Facilities screen using the facility action menu:

Note that Stable Manage will display a warning if you attempt to delete a facility which is attached to a Schedule Entry and it will not be possible to proceed with the deletion.

Facilities Action Menu

By either clicking on the facility name (Central Grazing in the example) or on the Facility Details option in the menu shown above, you can access the Facility Details screen to change the facility Name or Description:

Facility Details

Using a Facility on a Schedule Entry

It is possible to assign a facility to a Schedule Entry on the Add Schedule Entry screen while adding the Schedule Entry (How do I add an Entry to my Schedule?):

Add Entry with Facility

It is possible to assign, remove or change a facility on an existing Schedule Entry directly on the Schedule screen:

Change Facility for Schedule Entry