Update and a minor release!

Hi everyone,

We have been so busy following up after Dublin Horse Show 2016 at the RDS in Ballsbridge last month.  We had a fantastic show and spoke to all kinds of equestrian professionals about how their yards operate.

This weekend we have updated Stable Manage to include the first changes following the show. These are a precursor to the major work we have planned in the lead up to Christmas.

  • Contact History Report – This report has been significantly updated. You can now select any Contact in your Stable Manage account, and a date range and choose to either display a summary report or to download a detailed spreadsheet report containing all of the activities that the contact has been associated with during the date range; as a Staff Contact, Entry Contact or as an Attendee.
  • Horse Allocation – The Horse Allocation dialog has been updated to include a switch, which allows you to include or exclude horses that have been marked as “Deceased” or “Unavailable” on the Horse Details screen.
  • Mobile Views – Mobile Views now include a “Back to Top” link at the bottom of each screen to improve usability.

All of these changes are direct customer requests – thank you for your on-going feedback and please keep it coming!!

Contact History Report

Contact History Report

The Contact History Report enables you to view details about the Schedule Entries within the selected Date Range, which are associated with a given Contact as Staff Contact, Entry Contact or a contact based Attendee.

The maximum date range is 31 days. The report includes information about any horse and also other attendee allocations on the Schedule Entries.

For example; you could choose to view all visits by a particular client within a given month, or all tasks assigned to a particular staff member or student in a certain time period.

The Contact Report is accessed from the Reports screen. Click the Reports item on the main menu.

Main Menu Reports Item

Click GO TO REPORT on the “Contact History” Report item:

Reports Screen Contact History

Alternatively, if you are already on another Reports sub-screen you can select the report from the Reports sub-menu:

Reports sub-menu Contact History

Another alternative, you can access this report from the Contacts list too:

Contacts - Contact History


From any of the above ways of accessing this report, Stable Manage will display the Contact History report screen shown below.

Click in the Select Contact search box to begin:

Contact History Click Select Contact

For this example I have typed “Anne Marie”:

Contact History Select Contact

Select the date range or leave the default values of the last 31 days:

Contact History Select Dates

Note that Stable Manage is displaying the contact I selected in the main body of the page. Click DISPLAY OR DOWNLOAD REPORT to see the Report options:

Contact History Selected Contact

Stable Manage displays four options:

Contact History Options

  2. DOWNLOAD EXCEL (.xls)
  3. DOWNLOAD CSV (.csv)
  4. RESET

The DISPLAY SUMMARY REPORT option displays a summarised version of the report in reverse date order, with all Attendees and Allocations rolled up into a single row:

Contact History Summary Report Displayed

The two DOWNLOAD EXCEL and DOWNLOAD CSV options will download a file of the respective file type, each of which includes an identical detailed report.

The detailed report contains the following columns:

  • Activity Type
  • Activity Sub-Type
  • Activity Status
  • Activity Date From
  • Activity Start Time (hh:mm)
  • Activity Duration (hh:mm)
  • Entry Contact Summary
  • Allocation Type
  • Horse Stable Name
  • Horse UELN
  • Horse Show Name
  • Horse Residential Status
  • Horse Activity Status
  • Owner Contact Summary
  • Attendee Summary
  • Staff Contact Summary
  • Activity Notes

IMPORTANT: Where a given entry on the report has allocations (either attendees or horses), there will be a row per allocation.

Remember that an allocation can be; just a horse, just an attendee (person) or both!
Where there is no horse on an allocation, the horse related columns in the report will be left blank – this is normal.

Contact Schedule Detailed Report XLS

RESET clears the form so that you can start over.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this or any other report function.