How do I view the Horse Weight Record?

How do I view the Horse Weight Record?

Recording horse weight is a good way of correlating between feed, exercise, medication and condition. How to record Horse Weight is described here: How do I add or delete a Horse Weight Record?

To view how a horse’s weight has progressed over time, you need to display its Horse Weight Record.

There are two ways to access this report.

  1. From the Reports page
  2. From the Horses page.

From the Reports page

Click on the main menu and select “Reports”:


Stable Manage displays the Reports page. Scroll down to the Horse Weight Record:


Use the search box to find the right horse. In this example we have typed the characters “Ba” (1) to find “Barkley”. We then selected Barkley from the list (2):


Stable Manage displays the Horse Weight Record described below.

From the Horses page

Click on the main menu and select “Horses”:


Stable Manage displays the Horses page. Locate the horse, again we’ve identified “Barkley”:


Click on the action menu button for the horse:


Stable Manage displays the action menu. Select “Horse Weight”:


Stable Manage displays the Horse Weight Record described below.

Horse Weight Record

From either route above Stable Manage will display the Horse Weight Record for the selected horse.

At the top of the screen there are date selectors from which a date range of up to a full year can be selected. By default the most recent year’s worth of records is shown.

On the right hand side a graph shows the progression of the horse’s weight over time for the selected period.


  • If a weight was provided when first adding the horse, you will see a Weight Record recorded with the note “Horse Added”. Similarly if you edit the weight of the horse on the Horse Details screen, a Weight Record will be automatically saved with the note “Horse Updated”.
  • Stable Manage builds up a graph of the horse’s weight over time. When the first weight entry is added there’ll be a single dot on the graph, so when the second is added there will be a line joining two dots. As more and more records are added, a trend curve will emerge showing up to the most recent 12 months.
  • On some web browsers, if a new Horse Weight Record is added while on this screen, the report will need to be reloaded in order for the graph to correctly display the updated record.


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