Why did we start Stable Manage?

We want to make life better for anyone running or working at an equestrian yard.

Why do we want to do that?

.. because we care; from first hand experience.

The idea behind Stable Manage came to me one day while I was waiting while my wife prepared her horse for schooling. He was a livery at a yard offering various types of service; treks, competitions, lessons and events as well as livery.

That morning it was in a state of chaos. Helper kids were running around trying to find horses for a large ride out. Senior staff were shouting across the yard at each other looking for horses for riding lessons but they had different versions of the same list scrawled on slips of paper. None of which matched the whiteboard in the office, which the boss assumed was source of truth for the day’s schedule!

Lessons were late starting and a couple — with a booking — were turned away from the ride out because there weren’t enough horses. A waste of time, money, credibility and effort.

I’m a software professional as well as a horse fan and I thought “there’s got to be a better way of doing this”. I began writing notes about a system to help equestrian businesses create and change their schedules, care for their horses properly and save money in the process. This was a long time ago, before cheap computers, before cheap broadband and before the mobile revolution gave us unprecedented access to the internet.

Horses eventually became my wife’s full-time occupation. I started to see her frustration and exhaustion every day. This made me want to help her and the yards even more.

At the same time technology has progressed massively; much cheaper computers, smartphones and internet access are now available, and with iterative input from a number of yards, we have created Stable Manage to help equestrian yards, and we still care!

Fergus Neff – Founder