Overview of Allocations

Overview of Allocations

What is Allocation?

Allocation is simply allocating or assigning a horse to a Schedule Entry.

How is it done?

There are two ways of allocating a horse to a Schedule Entry.

  1. “Unassigned” allocation (also called a “free” allocation) is a horse allocated to an Entry without being assigned to a specific person.
  2. “Attendee” allocation is a horse allocated to an Entry and assigned to a specific person. For example;
    • riding school pupil for a lesson
    • jockey on a gallops entry
    • staff member leading a trek/rideout
    • schooling rider for a schooling session

How do I Allocate Horses to Schedule Entries on Stable Manage?

For yards across the whole equestrian industry; allocation of horses to schedule entries and maintaining the current – correct – list can be the biggest headache of all!

There are many reasons why an allocation might need to change, at any moment during the day and getting that information to others on the yard can be a nightmare. Phone calls, stickies, random pieces of paper and often just yelling across the yard are used as the means of having the “up to date” list known!

Stable Manage makes this process simple; really simple. In fact it was one of my main goals when I came up with the idea of Stable Manage over 10 years ago because it represents a problem I have seen first hand at many yards. For detailed information take a look at the “how-to” guide:

How are Horses allocated to Schedule Entries on Stable Manage?


How are Horses allocated to Schedule Entries on Stable Manage?

How are Horses allocated to Schedule Entries on Stable Manage?

Horses are allocated to Schedule Entries on the Allocation screen.

If you are unfamiliar with Allocations; first read the brief overview (it will take less than one minute): Overview of Allocations

There are two ways of accessing the Allocation screen for the date you want.

1. Select the date first and then select “Allocations” from the main menu.
2. Select “Allocations” from the main menu first and then select the date of interest.

Step by Step Example

We’ll start with a day selected, containing two Schedule Entries. The first “Feeding” is not going to need Attendees and the second “Schooling” has two Attendees already set.

If you do not know what Attendees are; have a quick look at this article before moving on: Overview of Attendees.

Two Unallocated Schedule Entries

Select Allocations from the main menu:

Main Menu - Allocation

The Allocations screen is displayed, both of the Schedule Entries are visible.

– There is an ADD HORSE button for each Schedule Entry allowing you to allocate unassigned (free) horses to the Entry. Any horses allocated in this way are horses without an assigned Attendee.
– There is a SET HORSE button for each Attendee on an entry. These buttons are for allocating a horse to the specific Attendee.

Set an Unassigned (Free) Allocation

Allocation Screen without Allocations

Click an ADD HORSE button for any entry to add an unassigned horse allocation:

Add Horse Button

Select a horse, either by searching (type its stable name) or by clicking the “show all horses” link to bring up a pick list.

You can use the switch to choose whether or not the search will include horses marked as “Deceased” or “Unavailable” on the Horse Details screen. By default they are not included.

When you have selected a horse click the SAVE button:

Add Horse Pegasus

We can see that PEGASUS is allowed to the Feeding Schedule Entry.

To change to a different horse click on a horse’s name and a similar dialog will appear.

Allocations screen with first Allocation set.

Set an Attendee Allocation

Click the SET HORSE button opposite any attendee:

Set Horse Button.

A dialog similar to the unassigned allocation dialog appears.

As before you can use the switch to choose whether or not the search will include horses marked as “Deceased” or “Unavailable” on the Horse Details screen. By default they are not included.

The Attendee is displayed as a reminder for who you are going to assign a horse to:

Edit Horse

As before, search for a horse or click “show all horses” to select the horse from a pick list, then click the SAVE button and the dialog will close. In the example we have allocated Barkley to Jennifer:

Edit Horse - Different Horse Selected

We can see Barkley allocated to Jennifer on the Allocation screen:

Attendee Allocation Set.

TIP: If you have a full schedule, the filter box in the top right can be useful to reduce what is displayed.

Allocations Filtered.

Then repeat the process for the rest of the Schedule Entries that you want to allocation.  It’s amazing how fast this process becomes when you get used to it. In real time the example is fully allocated in less than a minute:

Completed Allocations.

Select Schedule from the main menu to return, we can see the allocated horses as “badges” on each Schedule Entry:

Schedule with complete Allocations.

The great news? .. any change or adjustment to your Schedule Entries, Attendees and Allocations, is immediately visible to your staff when they check the schedule to see what’s coming up next – TIME SAVED!


Update – Allocations on the Schedule!

We’ve released a small update to Stable Manage this morning. The main Schedule view, now displays the Horse Allocations associated with each entry directly on the Schedule itself.

This enhancement makes it much easier to see which horses are associated with each entry, either as allocations to attendees or as allocations to the entry without a rider (e.g. for feed, lunging or farrier sessions).


Auto-updating Schedule and Allocations

Friday Friday here again!

Great news, we’ll be releasing a small update to Stable Manage this weekend with some usability improvements. The main improvement is that the Schedule screen and Allocations screen work are going to be more “tack room wall” friendly.

What does that mean?

You can have Stable Manage displaying your schedule on a screen on the wall somewhere like your tack room, canteen or staff room and changes that you make to the schedule or horse allocations will appear automatically for your staff / clients.

No more rushing to update the whiteboard before staff bring in the wrong horses from turnout!