Overview of Attendees

Overview of Attendees

What is an Attendee?

An Attendee is anyone associated with a Schedule Entry who will be physically present when the activity takes place, and who is usually assigned a horse (we’ll learn more about this with Allocations).

Attendees are essential whether Stable Manage is being used as a booking system or for scheduling your yard.

Some typical examples

Here are some situations we would all see at our yards, where use of Attendees and Allocations in Stable Manage can save you time and effort:

Public Riding Lesson:

  • Add a Public Lesson Schedule Entry
    Add or Update Attendees on the Lesson as and when they book or whenever you need to make a change!
    Allocate horses to the Attendees of the Lesson as and when you are ready!
  • Set a Facility for the lesson, e.g. an arena.


  • Add a Gallops Schedule Entry
    Set the jockeys scheduled at the Gallops Schedule Entry as Attendees
    Allocate horses to the gallops session; either directly to the jockeys or to the Schedule entry as a whole (more about this in Allocations).
  • Optionally set the relevant gallops as the Facility for the session

Here we see a sample Gallops session, with four jockeys and four horses. Three horses have jockeys allocated directly to them but the fourth is added to the session itself.

Gallops Session Multiple Attendees

Staff or Student Training:

  • Add a Training Schedule Entry
    Add the Staff/Students as Attendees
    Allocate horses to the training session; either directly to the students or to the Schedule entry as a whole (more about this in Allocations).
  • Set a Facility for the training, e.g. Class Room, Stable Block, Arena etc.

Muck Out:

  • Add a Muck Out Schedule Entry
    Add the relevant Staff as Attendees
  • Set a Facility for the mucking out; e.g. a particular Stable Block or a named set of stalls.

Does an Attendee have to be a Contact?

No; an Attendee can be one of your Contacts OR any arbitrary individual; whichever suits your needs more.

The latter is especially useful if you are taking bookings for a public facing business such as a riding school or riding centre, where you often know little about the attendees for a booked lesson or trek; sometimes only their gender, age group or approximate riding skill level!

Another Example

Here we can see two schedule entries. The first is a Feeding session at Stable Block Harrison, which has several horses allocated and no attendees. The second is a Schooling session in the Indoor Arena, it has two Horses allocated and each is assigned to a specific Attendee; Jennifer and Sharon.

Two Schedule Entries One with Attendee

You can see the similarity between all of these examples, which is what makes Stable Manage so easy to pick up and use.

Entries, Attendees and Horse Allocations are the repetitive things that we’ve been writing down manually for years and then struggling to keep up to date and consistent. Stable Manage represents them in a simple way, so that staff can access them on their smartphones, or on a monitor in the office, canteen or tack room safe in the knowledge that there’s one list, and it’s always the right one.

Lastly, something to note is that Attendees are independent of the Staff Contact assigned the Schedule Entry, and the External Contact who can optionally be associated with the Schedule Entry too. This is to make Stable Manage as flexible as possible. Your Staff Contact and External Contact can be set up as Attendees too but they don’t have to be; it is your choice entirely.

In the next blog articles I describe Allocations, the process of linking Horses to Schedule Entries:

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