Horse Owner History Report


Horse Owner History is a powerful reporting tool, which allows you to gather Horse History information based on the owner of the horse rather than just the horse in isolation.

How is it used?

As a Stable Manage user you can select an owner, any number of their horses, and a date range, and then view a summary or download a detailed report detailing every activity the horse(s) was associated with during the selected period.

If you choose to download the report, you can open it as a spreadsheet and perform whatever filtering or manipulation you like upon the report data. This data can be useful for multiple horse and owner functions, e.g. invoicing, training analysis, feed analysis, cost analysis and so on.

Main Menu

Owner History can be found on the Reports screen accessed from the main menu:

Main Menu Reports

Reports Screen

Horse History by Owner is top left. Click the GO TO REPORT button.

Reports Screen

Note that it is also possible to go to the Horse History report for an individual horse from this screen.

Owner History Screen

We’ve made this screen as simple as possible, with three basic steps:

  1. Select the Horse Owner you are interested in.
  2. Select individual Horses or leave blank to include ALL horses owned by the selected Horse Owner.
  3. Select the date range – up to one month of data can be downloaded at a time. The report is restricted to one month at a time because of the large quantity of data this can include.

Horse Owner History Screen

Summary Owner History

Viewing the Owner History on-screen shows a summary of the information in the report.

Summary Owner History

Detailed Owner History

Downloading the Owner History shows the full, detailed information in the report. We’ve selected a single horse for the example, with just a couple of recurring activities on her schedule.

Detailed Owner History (Excel)