Service Provider Type Report

Service Provider Type Report

The Service Provider Type Report enables you to view details about the Schedule Entries having an Entry Contact of the selected Service Provider Type, within the selected Date Range. The maximum date range is 31 days. The report includes information about any horse and attendee allocations on the Schedule Entries.

For example; you could choose to view all Farrier visits within the last month, or all visits by your Feed Providers in the last two weeks and so on.

The Service Provider Report is accessed from the Reports screen. Click the Reports item on the main menu.

Main Menu Reports Item

Click GO TO REPORT on the “Entry History by Service Provider Type” Report item:

Service Provider Type Report Card

Alternatively, if you are already on another Reports sub-screen you can select the Report from the Reports sub-menu:

Reports Sub-menu

Stable Manage displays the Entry History by Service Provider Type report screen. Click the Service Provider Type item to begin:

Service Provider Report Screen

For this example I have selected Veterinarian:

Select Service Provider Type

Select the date range or leave the default values of the last 31 days:

Select Date Range

Click DISPLAY OR DOWNLOAD REPORT to see the Report options:

View Report Options

Stable Manage displays four options:

Report Form Options

  2. DOWNLOAD EXCEL (.xls)
  3. DOWNLOAD CSV (.csv)
  4. RESET

The DISPLAY SUMMARY REPORT option displays a summarised version of the report on screen, with all Attendees and Allocations rolled up into a single row:

Display Summary

The two DOWNLOAD EXCEL and DOWNLOAD CSV options will download a file of the respective file type, each of which includes an identical detailed report.

The detailed report contains the following columns:

  • Activity Type
  • Activity Sub-Type
  • Activity Status
  • Activity Date From
  • Activity Start Time (hh:mm)
  • Activity Duration (hh:mm)
  • Entry Contact Summary
  • Allocation Type
  • Horse Stable Name
  • Horse UELN
  • Horse Show Name
  • Horse Residential Status
  • Horse Activity Status
  • Owner Contact Summary
  • Attendee Summary
  • Staff Contact Summary
  • Activity Notes

Where a given entry on the report has allocations (either attendees or horses), there will be a row per allocation.

Remember that an allocation can be; just a horse, just an attendee (person) or both!
Where there is no horse on an allocation, the horse related columns in the report will be left blank – this is normal.

Display XLS or CSV

RESET clears the form so that you can start over.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this or any other report function.