How do I know when a repeating Schedule Entry started?

How do I know when a repeating Schedule Entry started?

The 17th April 2016 update to Stable Manage adds a small but useful feature, which indicates when a repeating Schedule Entry started.

On the first instance of the repeating Entry, Stable Manage displays the text: “Started today.

Recurring Entry Started Today

On each subsequent instance of a repeating Entry, there is a link, which is displayed on Schedule screen and on the Allocation screen. The new link shows the date that that repeating Entry started and if clicked links directly to the start day on the Schedule:

LinkTo Recurring Entry Start Date

To return to the date you were on initially use the back button in your browser or mobile device. Or use the “Today” link to return to the current date:

Remember that we use the little “target” icon for the Today link on mobile devices. Mobile Today Button

Back Button Today

It’s the little features that make the big difference!

There are more articles about Schedule management listed on the Documentation page including full “How To” step by step guides.