Update and Reminders Release

Hi everyone!

We have been pretty quiet for the last few months, while we’ve gone through a location change and have worked on some major “under the hood” functionality required for the new features being developed!

Updates to Stable Manage

This morning’s release includes three things:

  1. A new feature called “Reminders”, which allows users to set reminders for any entry on their schedule.
  2. Improved Horse Weight Report, where users can now select a date range over which to view the progression of a horse’s weight.
  3. Improved Horse Details, where users can now see the date that a horse was added to Stable Manage, in addition to its foaling year or date.


This simply presented but powerful feature allows up to three reminders to be set for any schedule entry. The schedule entry can be any type and it can be a once off entry or one that repeats. If the entry repeats, then the reminder(s) will be triggered every time a repetition of the entry approaches.

To see an overview and a step by step guide for creating, editing and removing Reminders, please refer to this article on our website: Reminders Overview.

Some simple examples of how Reminders could be used:

  • Set a Reminder for a once a month farrier schedule entry, to ensure that you have the right horses ready in time.
  • Set multiple Reminders before an important meeting or yard visit.
  • Set Reminders for each riding lesson or training session to ensure that staff, helpers and horses are in the right place at the right time.
  • Create a “Health Check” schedule entry with notes describing what should be checked and add a Reminder to it. When the Reminder is received, the Staff member can see from the notes what they need to do and record for the Health Check; e.g. check temperature, examine hooves, take stool sample etc.
  • Create a schedule entry of type “Other” within “Professional Visit” category. Allocate a Horse to it and notes reminding the assigned member of staff to call the breeder to discuss some aspect of the horse’s development.
  • .. and so on, the combinations are endless!

If you have any questions please contact us through any of the usual means: Contact Us.

How do I know when a repeating Schedule Entry started?

How do I know when a repeating Schedule Entry started?

The 17th April 2016 update to Stable Manage adds a small but useful feature, which indicates when a repeating Schedule Entry started.

On the first instance of the repeating Entry, Stable Manage displays the text: “Started today.

Recurring Entry Started Today

On each subsequent instance of a repeating Entry, there is a link, which is displayed on Schedule screen and on the Allocation screen. The new link shows the date that that repeating Entry started and if clicked links directly to the start day on the Schedule:

LinkTo Recurring Entry Start Date

To return to the date you were on initially use the back button in your browser or mobile device. Or use the “Today” link to return to the current date:

Remember that we use the little “target” icon for the Today link on mobile devices. Mobile Today Button

Back Button Today

It’s the little features that make the big difference!

There are more articles about Schedule management listed on the Documentation page including full “How To” step by step guides.

Horse Owner History Report


Horse Owner History is a powerful reporting tool, which allows you to gather Horse History information based on the owner of the horse rather than just the horse in isolation.

How is it used?

As a Stable Manage user you can select an owner, any number of their horses, and a date range, and then view a summary or download a detailed report detailing every activity the horse(s) was associated with during the selected period.

If you choose to download the report, you can open it as a spreadsheet and perform whatever filtering or manipulation you like upon the report data. This data can be useful for multiple horse and owner functions, e.g. invoicing, training analysis, feed analysis, cost analysis and so on.

Main Menu

Owner History can be found on the Reports screen accessed from the main menu:

Main Menu Reports

Reports Screen

Horse History by Owner is top left. Click the GO TO REPORT button.

Reports Screen

Note that it is also possible to go to the Horse History report for an individual horse from this screen.

Owner History Screen

We’ve made this screen as simple as possible, with three basic steps:

  1. Select the Horse Owner you are interested in.
  2. Select individual Horses or leave blank to include ALL horses owned by the selected Horse Owner.
  3. Select the date range – up to one month of data can be downloaded at a time. The report is restricted to one month at a time because of the large quantity of data this can include.

Horse Owner History Screen

Summary Owner History

Viewing the Owner History on-screen shows a summary of the information in the report.

Summary Owner History

Detailed Owner History

Downloading the Owner History shows the full, detailed information in the report. We’ve selected a single horse for the example, with just a couple of recurring activities on her schedule.

Detailed Owner History (Excel)


Update – new Horse Activity/Work Status options!

Today’s minor release of Stable Manage has added two additional Horse Activity/Work Status options:

  1. In Foal
  2. On Pasture

Horse Activity Work Status Examples (20160212 Release)

These are available on the Horse Details screen which you can find out more about here: How do I view or update the details of one of the horses at my yard in Stable Manage?

Tip: The button beside the Activity/Work Status for a given horse is a short cut to the Horse Details screen, which saves you from having to use the Horse Menu on the right hand side.

What is an Alternative Contact? – manage returning Clients and Professional visitors on Stable Manage without direct contact details

Contacts are used to record people who may frequent your yard.

This is fine when dealing with adults who have distinct Contact details like a distinct email address or phone number but what about children and short term, or team staff at your Professional Service providers?

We have made the Contacts component in Stable Manage as flexible as possible to cater for these scenarios by making it possible to designate an “Alternative Contact” as the primary means of contact for a Contact belonging to your yard.

What does that mean?

An example CLIENT scenario:

Let’s say you have a teacher “Sarah Masters”; who has three pupils (Jane, Mark and Sean) under 16 who regularly get lessons at your yard. You create a contact for Sarah including her contact details; she’s your real source of contact for the pupils. You then create a contact for each of the pupils but instead of having to specify an email address or phone number for each of them, you can simply reference Sarah instead!

An example PROFESSIONAL scenario:

Let’s say you have a feed supplier called “Stuart McCarthy” of “McCarthy Feed and Veterinary Products”; who has four drivers (Matt, Pete, Mark and David) who work on rotation. You have a mobile number for some but not all of them. You create a contact for Stuart. He’s the real contact. You create a contact for each of the drivers as and when you encounter them, you set their mobile numbers when and if you get one, but each contact references Stuart’s contact as its primary point of contact for your yard. I.e. the link to the feed business which will be most important over time.

That’s really all there is to it; you can also remove an Alternative Contact from any existing contact that has one, or add an Alternative Contact to a contact that previously didn’t have one.

For details look at the “how to” guide for adding a Contact with an Alternative Contact: How do I add a Contact with an Alternative Contact to Stable Manage?

Update – Allocations on the Schedule!

We’ve released a small update to Stable Manage this morning. The main Schedule view, now displays the Horse Allocations associated with each entry directly on the Schedule itself.

This enhancement makes it much easier to see which horses are associated with each entry, either as allocations to attendees or as allocations to the entry without a rider (e.g. for feed, lunging or farrier sessions).


Auto-updating Schedule and Allocations

Friday Friday here again!

Great news, we’ll be releasing a small update to Stable Manage this weekend with some usability improvements. The main improvement is that the Schedule screen and Allocations screen work are going to be more “tack room wall” friendly.

What does that mean?

You can have Stable Manage displaying your schedule on a screen on the wall somewhere like your tack room, canteen or staff room and changes that you make to the schedule or horse allocations will appear automatically for your staff / clients.

No more rushing to update the whiteboard before staff bring in the wrong horses from turnout!

Update and a major release!

Hi everyone,

Things have been a little quiet from us while we have prepared for the new release of Stable Manage which we deployed this morning. The release includes the following changes:

Invoicing Report

You can now download a spreadsheet report (Excel or CSV) of the activities for any horse during a time period of your choice.
The spreadsheet can be imported into external accounting systems or could used directly to assist with invoicing.
This will be of particular use to trainers, livery yard owners and breeders, or anyone needing to see what has happened for a given horse across a period of time. For example, how many farrier or vet visits the horse has had, how many schooling sessions and so on.

Look & Feel

We done the first part of some major visual improvements to make Stable Manage easier to use.
For example, you will find menus that are easier to find and a more consistent look and feel throughout the system. We’ll be rolling out more improvements over the next few releases.

Some examples in our “photo” albums: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/…

Other Minor Changes

We’ve added facility types dedicated to “land”; for example trekking trails, beaches and fields.
You can now record height and weight of attendees, which will be of interest to riding schools and tourist focused riding centres.

We’ve fixed several small bugs too!

Catch Up

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking to the folks who signed up before and during the Dublin Horse Show – thank you for your on-going input. If we haven’t contacted you yet however, we will reach out over the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, feel free to contact me directly particularly if you are having any trouble getting started. We want to help!

Thanks :)